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Graduate and early career development.

The competition for the best graduates can be fierce. How can you attract, and keep, the best young talent?

By investing in their development.

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Exploring graduate development

Get an overview of the theory and our view on graduate development.

Measuring graduate development

Learn about the assessment tools we use.

Improving graduate development

Find out more about our programs and strategic approach.

Client stories

Read case studies about our real-world effect on graduate development.

Exploring graduate development

The programs graduates want, the results you need

According to a 2019 report, 75% of candidates consider long-term career prospects, and training and development, as very important factors when applying for roles. More than one-third of graduates expected to stay more than five years with their employer.

Development programs serve multiple purposes; encouraging high-quality graduates to apply for your roles, retaining this talent in the organisation and accelerating their performance.

We partner with clients to design graduate programmes aligned with their organisational competencies and values, which typically cover three core aspects of employability as illustrated in the graphic below:

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We've been delivering graduate programs for over 20 years. Discover our approach for this generation of graduates.

But it's not only about the graduates. How do we bridge the gap between graduates and older generations – managers and mentors? By supporting their development too.

Measuring graduate development

Psychometrics for graduate development

The better a person understands themself and understands others, the easier it becomes to work effectively in an organisation.

Psychometric assessments provide data to graduates about their areas of strength and relative weakness, so they know where to target developmental efforts. They also provide a framework to have comfortable, psychologically safe conversations about the normal differences in human behaviour without judgement.

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Measuring return on graduate development? It's possible.

Want a clear indication whether an intervention has had the desired impact? We don't just measure others' performance; we measure our own too. We report on the outcomes of our workshops so our clients can determine the effectiveness of our intervention for themselves.

Our online workshop evaluation measures five levels of training impact, including return on investment.

Improving graduate development

Developing graduate talent

At Kaya, we've been delivering graduate and early-career development programs since 2000. As graduates have changed over time, so has our approach.

Our sessions include self-reflection, discussions, group work, collaboration, simulations, and other cooperative techniques. We've found that more active, experiential learning works best.

Explore some samples of our graduate development workshops:

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Managing young talent

In a constantly changing environment, fresh perspectives could contribute as much as those based on greater experience. The combination of new ideas that work within practical constraints becomes the start of innovative solutions. Is your organisation open to new generation ideas?

We work with managers and mentors to support early career employees. Our most common workshop topics include:

  • Managerial self-awareness
  • Generational collaboration, attended by a mixture of managers and graduates
  • Conversations about performance and engagement with graduates

Client stories

Banking graduates get ahead

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